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Cloning Solutions

  • Dip N Grow

    Dip N Grow

    Product Details Dip 'n Grow is one of the most effective rooting hormones available. Propagators at nurseries and universities nationwide have increased their yields with this seed-starting product and found Dip 'n Grow to be more economical and easier...

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  • HydroDynamics Clonex Gel

    HydroDynamics Clonex Gel

    Clonex® is a high performance, water-based, rooting compound. It is a tenacious gel which will remain in contact around the stem, sealing the cut tissue and supplying the hormones needed to promote root cell development and vitamins to protect the...

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  • HydroDynamics Clonex Clone Solution

    HydroDynamics Clonex Clone Solution

    HydroDynamics Clonex Clone Solution Clonex® Clone Solution is a clone-specific nutrient formulated using a special blend of minerals and other helpful ingredients. Used with Clonex® gel and other rooting agents, Clonex® Clone Solution...

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  • Botanicare Rhizo Blast

    Botanicare Rhizo Blast

    Botanicare® Rhizo Blast® Rhizo Blast® is a powerful root developing tonic that boosts root growth. This proprietary formula contains a blend of seaweed, single-celled algae and other mineral nutrients that help generate robust root growth...

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  • Elite 91 Clones 16 oz

    Elite 91 Clones 16 oz

    DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 1. Ready-to-use. No dilution necessary. Pour a small amount of Elite 91 CLONES liquid rooting solution into a clean small container. 2. Using a clean and sanitized scalpel, razor or scissors, take a cutting from a healthy,...

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  • Athena CUTZ 14oz

    Athena CUTZ 14oz

    Athena Cuts Rooting Gel is a premium rooting gel formulated to propagate new plants from stem and leaf cuttings of mother plants. It is formulated with an essential plant hormone that promotes rapid root generation and growth.This water-based gel coats...

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  • Elite 91 MYCO JORDAN

    Elite 91 MYCO JORDAN

    MYCO JORDAN™ –   PROFESSIONAL MYCORRHIZAL INOCULANT  MYCO JORDAN™ is a wettable powder containing 100 % organic endomycorrhizal fungi at superior concentrations of the purest viable spores used as a soil drench or...

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  • Elite 91 Roots

    Elite 91 Roots

    Elite 91 ROOTS – PROFESSIONAL PLANT ADDITIVE DIRECTIONS FOR USE: SHAKE WELL BEFORE EACH USE. ● Add Elite 91 ROOTS with every feeding from seedling/cloning growth stage up until the 5th or 6th week of the crops fruiting/flowering...

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