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Age Old Nutrients

  • Age Old Kelp

    Age Old Kelp

    Product Details Kelp 0.30-.025-.015 Supplies plants with a natural, fast-acting source of major nutrients. Increases biological activity in the soil  Made from Ascophyllum nodosum, a sustainably harvested, nutrient-rich sea...

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  • Age Old Grow

    Age Old Grow

    Product Details Grow 12-6-6Grow is a natural based, odorless, high nitrogen, plant fertilizer. It has a 2-1 nitrogen ratio to enhance a plants growth and vigor. It encourages early growth, greater flowering and better fruit set for all indoor and...

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  • Age Old Bloom

    Age Old Bloom

    Product Details Bloom 5-10-5Bloom is an odorless formula that supplies plants with a fast-acting, natural source of nutrients high in phosphorus. The high phosphate levels encourage early flowering and better fruitset for most fruiting plants and...

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