Earth Care Plus 5-6-6 25lb

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First Choice Fertilizer Earth-Care Plus 5-5-6 25lb

Quickly Greens and Starter Fertilizer with Endo & Ecto Mycorrhizae

  • Bigger root mass and promotes better plant performance 
  • Higher yield 
  • More healthier produce.
  • Improves plant access to water, nutrients and keeps the soil moist.
  • water absorbing pellets designed to conserve irrigation water.
  • Safer option of organic fertilizer

How would turf Grass Use to maintain. 
      Lawn: Spread 10 lbs per 1000 Square ft. Water for approximately 5-10 mins to wet fertilizer, let sit overnight and mow grass with a mulching mower or standard mower and do not pick up clippings.

     Around Home: Fertilize trees, ornamental shrubs, roses, fruit trees, and vegetables at a rate of 1 lb. Per 100 Square ft. from stalk or trunk of the plant to the drip line. 
     Pot Application: For every 1/2 Square ft. of pot area. fertilize with 1 tablespoon. apply only to the surface of the pot and gently till into the surface of the soil. 

Bacillus Pumilus, Bacillus megaterium, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus licheniformis

  • Glomus intraradices, Glomus mosseae, Glomus aggregatum, Glomus etunicatum.
  • Rhizopogon villosulus, Rhizopogon luteolus, Rhizopogon amylopogon, Rhizopogon fulvigleba, Pisolithus tinctorius, Scleroderma cepa, Scleroderma citrinum.

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